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individuals the access to
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they deserve


The goal and the name of our website is Building Community Capacity for Neurodivergent Individuals (BCCNDI) – a website dedicated to supporting communities in their efforts to build community capacity. We believe all neurodivergent individuals and their families deserve access to the services and supports they need when they need them to achieve their hopes and dreams for a life of quality. Navigation is an essential and necessary component of ensuring this is achieved.

We are committed to inclusion and the need for widespread engagement of stakeholders. Our community consists of neurodivergent individuals, families, friends, service providers including government and not-for-profit organizations, support groups and societies, funders, researchers, and trainees.

We are part of a growing community of individuals and organizations interested in developing and strengthening partnerships between different sectors and community organizations. Together we are co-creating, innovating, and rendering more visible pathways for accessing supports and services that are needs- and evidence-based.

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Here you’ll discover personal accounts from neurodivergent people and their families about their experiences.

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