Project Statements

“This project has enabled diverse organizations to come together, think about various ways to support individuals and families in creative and innovative ways, and look at approaches that will be culturally safe and trauma informed. The project has further allowed us all to slow down and think more deeply about how we can be mindful of the unique needs of every individual, family and those who provide guidance to them, and ways we can be more thoughtful in how we tailor those supports, services and other navigation-like offerings to be person and family-centred.” - Angela Clancy, Executive Director FSIBC

"This project is enabling change by providing a platform for communicating and collaborating. It has brought together people who care about a common cause--those living with disabilities and the families who support them --and provided them a means of working together to identify challenges and to create solutions. Without a platform, we'd all still be working in siloes." - Harriet Miller, Neurodiversity Inclusion Activist and Co-founder, President, Alink Foundation

"The Navigation Project has been pivotal in engaging partners toward improved service navigation for families in which a child has a neuro-developmental disability, and the agencies who provide support. We look forward to continued work in building navigational pathways that are optimal for families, and allow children to thrive in their communities." -Sandy Litman, Site Lead, Alberta

"Hi, I can think of the collaboration that happened between ourselves, your group and Mental Health Hub to ensure creative means were employed to provide safe spaces for people to isolate and be monitored during the past year. We had to provide tents and camping equipment plus pay for campsite fees as there were no hotel or safe rooms for members to isolate." - Sṓgā sinlā, Katherine Durocher, RN Health and Social Director Liard First Nation